Influence The World

Influence is a personal and unofficial power derived from deference of others to one’s character, ability, or station; it may be exerted unconsciously or may operate through persuasion: to have influence over one’s friends.

In 2019 and 2020 I traveled to Kenya to speak in the Rhema Mombasa Campus. I spent one week sharing my passion for reaching souls with the students. I ministered on sharing your faith with love and compassion.

During my time at Rhema Kenya I was able to speak to many students and current pastors that were encouraged to try new strategies for evangelism.

A pastor's wife explained it this way…
A pastor's wife explained it this way…

“I had never led anyone to the Lord… I used to be sad when preaching and judgemental… Then I realized I can love and smile and just talk to people and then share my faith from that heart. I am now very successful and have led many people to the Lord.”
Pastor Ann Chege

Passion for Souls

We have a passion to add souls to His kingdom!  And to share the love of God in such a way that attracts people to God and to share the message that transforms lives. We believe that every believer has a testimony and ability to share the gospel. It is this message alone that sets the captive free. We train and empower people to engage and entice people to believe in the Savior.

Passion for the Kingdom of God

We should all desire to live in such a way that glorifies God and manages the kingdom responsibilities that we have been entrusted with. Giving up is not an option. With God all things are possible and Jesus has solidified are victory and we enforce our authority and live large for and with God.

Passion for Discipleship

We believe believers should grow up into maturity, to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. It is with a growing knowledge of the word and with real life faith experiences that believers can more to be like Jesus.