About Us

Our Vision

We believe the greatest commandment given to us as Christians is to love one another. This is the scriptural principal that Hudson Valley Family Church is built on.

Strong Families

Building strong families by providing seminars and classes for marriages and parenting.

Strong Church

Building a strong Church family by providing opportunities outside of the traditional church services to develop relationships with activities such as trips, plays, retreats, and concerts.

Wholesome Environment

A wholesome environment or their family to participate in activities such as bowling, basketball, baseball, swimming, movies and other social activities.


Training for the work of the ministry. It is our desire to see you fulfill God's purpose for your life.

Our Beliefs

We believe that no matter what background you come from we can all strive for one common goal, to make Jesus Christ the center of our lives.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Jack and Marilyn Yurus

Senior Pastors

Start Here

New to our family? Or maybe just looking for the next step to take? There is no need to look any further, just START HERE. These two lunch events will show you how you can jump in and be a part of what we are doing as a church family. We look forward to seeing you there.

Get to know us

2nd Sunday of Odd Months

Discover who you are

2nd Sunday of Even Months